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Stop Flushing your money down the toilet silly! :) Get Nice Toilet Paper.

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In 2012.....

Something great is coming in the world of Toilet Paper. It will even save you money and show up on your doorstep. EASIER AND MORE AFFORDABLE!

The quality will be unmatched, and it will bring a smile to your face and a pleasure in use. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Having your nice toilet paper delivered, for less money... Hmmmmm...... Sounds good?

Rolls of Nice Toilet Paper paper will be $.20 (small puffy extra comfort rolls) to an unheard of low $.45 per roll! (Big Boy 500 sheet 2ply or 1000 sheet single ply commercial grade)

And the rate can go only DOWN, believe it or not.

Every roll arrives smiling. This is how Nice Toilet Paper can save you from flushing your hard earned $$$ down the toilet.

Simple. By offering more added value, and reducing cost. This can be achieved.

Enjoy your time...
Cool random Toilet Stories accompany each quality roll, along with Fun-Facts and local merchant as well as great web offers.
Wouldn't be neat to choose a particular theme for your toilet stories?! It's in the process.
Great reads for hunters, wildlife lovers, sports fanatics etc.

Free delivery! (within 2 mile radius)
More Nice things to have delivered...
Paper Towel,
Baby Wipes,
Tissues and more!

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Home Toilet Paper delivery innovation will create jobs all across the USA and beyond. The opportunity for new and seasoned entrepreneurs to create new business through Toilet Paper and related bulky consumable products is very wide open.

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